With all of its problems should Cleveland’s government be running shopping markets and golf courses? “No, of course not,” Drew Carey says.

Selling off golf courses, contracting out parking concessions, and all manner of public-private partnerships are generating billions of dollars in revenue and dramatically improving city services in places such as Chicago and Indianapolis. Will Cleveland’s elected officials learn the right lessons in time?

A Reason Foundation policy brief accompanying this Reason Saves Cleveland With Drew Carey video calls for privatizing 10 government-run services and facilities in Cleveland, including:

  • Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport. Several U.S. airports, including Chicago’s Midway, are examining this option. Heathrow and Gatwick in London, Rome, Sydney, Melbourne and Frankfurt are some of the major private airports in the world.
  • Downtown parking meters and garages. Chicago received a $1.1 billion upfront payment from a private company who leased the city’s garages and meters for 75 years.
  • Garbage and Solid Waste Services. Over half of all US cities have already privatized all or some of their solid waste services.

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