The Cleveland Municipal School District spends over $14,000 per student. Yet only 54 percent of students graduate from high school and the district is failing to meet 27 out of 30 Ohio performance standards.

“Your choice is go to a Catholic school or get the hell out of town and raise your kids somewhere else. That’s not much of a choice at all,” Carey says in the video. “It would be best for the parents and families to have a choice to send their kids where they want. Make the schools compete against each other.”

Reason Foundation’s new policy brief, Ten Ideas to Fix Cleveland’s Schools, calls for turning all failing schools into charter schools, giving principals complete control over school budgets and “backpack” funding that follows kids to the school of their parents’ choice. The complete policy brief is online at

Ten Ideas to Fix Cleveland’s Schools by Lisa Snell

Policy Brief: Fix the Schools by Lisa Snell

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