In the opening Reason Saves Cleveland video, Drew Carey describes his love for the city, its history, its woes and why he launched this project: “As you know, I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I love Cleveland, Ohio. I based my whole career on being from Cleveland, Ohio. And you also might know that Cleveland, Ohio, is going through some tough times right now. The economy is in trouble, the schools are in trouble, and people have been leaving the city in droves for a long, long time. And it is not just Cleveland. It’s a lot of cities in the country that are having the same problems. I went to the folks at the Reason Foundation and I said is there any way we could come up with some ideas to help save Cleveland. And we looked at some best practices of cities across the country and we wanted to know if we applied them to Cleveland, would it do any good? The series is called Reason Saves Cleveland. I hope you like it.”

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