The Pension Integrity Project at Reason Foundation offers pro-bono consulting to public officials and other stakeholders to help them design and implement pension reforms that improve plan solvency and promote retirement security. The team’s work includes customized analysis of pension solvency and reform policy design, independent actuarial modeling of reform scenarios, assistance with stakeholder outreach, engagement and relationship management, and more.

About the Opening

The Quantitative Analyst will work with the Pension Integrity Project team to develop actuarially driven analysis of public sector pension plans. The role involves working with pre-built actuarial models, coordinating with consulting actuaries, reviewing and determining the underlying problems with a pension plan facing insolvency, and providing technical, quantitative support to project team members who are interfacing with elected officials on implementation projects. 

  • Evaluate public pension plans’ financial health, risks, and solvency; identify specific problems in terms of performance, plan design, and risk management; and come up with feasible solutions to these problems. 
  • Collaborate with other analysts and external actuaries to build financial and actuarial models that provide actionable insights into how a pension plan performs under different scenarios, the risks it faces, and how it may improve under various reform options. 
  • Conduct data and statistical analysis and perform data visualization for both consulting and research purposes.
  • Research state and local pensions for in-depth studies.
  • Write regular commentary/blog posts for on pensions and public finance. 
  • Assist other divisions in analytical work

Desired Experience & Qualifications: 

  • Strong analytical skills. 
  • Background knowledge of finance or actuarial science
  • Very strong Excel skills and comfort building financial and actuarial models in Excel. 
  • Good knowledge of statistical analysis and econometrics. 
  • Good working knowledge of R or Python for data analysis, data wrangling, data visualization and modeling. Knowing D3.js and HTML (or other means) to work with visualization on the web is a plus. 
  • Strong writing and communication skills. Ability to explain complex technical concepts to non-experts is key.
  • General alignment with Reason Foundation’s mission to advance a free society by developing, applying, and promoting libertarian principles, including individual liberty, free markets, and the rule of law. 
  • Curiosity and self-motivation to learn new things and tackle difficult technical problems you may have never dealt with before. 

Other Details:

  • Location is negotiable; remote or work from Reason’s office in Washington D.C. or Los Angeles
  • Project team members are currently located in Washington D.C., Arizona, California, Colorado, and Texas, among other states
  • Salary will be based on experience

Application Process

Qualified candidates should submit a resume and cover letter that details your interest in working for Reason, why your background is a good fit for this role, and your salary requirements. Please send your application to