Annual Privatization Report 2008

Annual Privatization Report

Annual Privatization Report 2008

Reason Foundation's 22nd annual analysis of privatization and outsourcing

Privatization remains a key policy focus as public officials grapple with deteriorating fiscal conditions, according to Reason Foundation’s Annual Privatization Report 2008. With as many as 23 states potentially facing budget deficits in fiscal 2009, state governments are increasingly looking for ways to cut costs without cutting services. Enter the private sector.

“Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell recently accepted a $12.8 billion bid to lease the Pennsylvania Turnpike, in what would be the biggest toll road privatization deal in U.S. history,” said Leonard Gilroy, director of government reform at Reason Foundation and author of the report. “Florida has undertaken over 150 outsourcing initiatives since 2005. Leaders of all political stripes recognize privatization is a proven policy tool that can help save money and balance budgets.”

The Reason Foundation report also singles out Chicago as a hotbed of local privatization under Democratic Mayor Richard Daley. Other topics explored in the report include airports, airport security, education, telecommunications, municipal broadband, water systems, and prisons.

Now in its 22nd year of publication, APR is the world’s longest running and most comprehensive report on privatization news, developments, and trends. Given its broad policy coverage and depth of analysis on hot issues, there’s something for everyone in APR 2008-policy makers, public officials, journalists, and citizens alike-to help them keep up with the fast-moving arenas of privatization, government reform, and private sector solutions to public sector challenges.