Policy Study

Virginia Spending and Budget Reform


The Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy has, since its first study was released in 1997, focused much of its attention on making state government more efficient, more accountable, more transparent and more business-like in the way it manages programs and activities.

These past studies have brought important concepts and specific suggestions to the table for public debate and discussion. Over that period of time, the Jefferson Institute has become a well-respected addition to the public policy debate here in Virginia without a partisan ax to grind.

This new study, “Virginia Spending and Budget Reform,” is written by Geoffrey Segal, Senior Fellow on Government Reform for the Thomas Jefferson Institute. Mr. Segal is a wellrespected and nationally recognized leader in the field of government reform.

Mr. Segal’s most recent study clearly shows how quickly Virginia’s state budget has grown over the past ten years and outlines several ideas for legislative and executive action that can be taken to better manage this spending. Without the management tools and actions outlined by Mr. Segal is this study, Virginia will face the need for another tax increase in only a few short years.

This study is an important addition to the management tools necessary for those who want to truly “get a handle” on state spending and do it in a way that is logical and reasonable. Mr. Segal outlines important pieces for a road map to be followed by our elected leaders and supported by business leaders who want to help craft a better running state government.

This study is presented in an effort to bring good, solid and reasonable ideas to the table of public discussion. The views presented here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Thomas Jefferson Institute or its Board of Directors. Nothing in this report is meant to influence pending legislation.