• Debate: The Soho Forum — What is a Libertarian Position on Abortion?

    • December 8, 2019
      3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

      What is a Libertarian Position on Abortion? In the perennial debate on abortion, Professor Walter Block has received a lot of attention for his moral theory of evictionism. Block argues, invoking the moral theories of Murray Rothbard, that since “no being has a right to live, unbidden, as a parasite within or upon some person’s body,” a woman has the right to evict a fetus (more…)

  • The Funny Thing About Hate Speech with Lou Perez

    • November 13, 2019
      6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

    Reason’s Robby Soave joins Lou Perez and Christina Hoff Sommers to discuss why we need hate speech. There will also be drinks, small bites, stand-up comedy, and an award-winning mini-documentary. RSVP today!       (more…)

  • Debate: The Soho Forum — Capitalism vs. Socialism

    • November 5, 2019
      6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

      Democracy From the Bottom Up? “Imagine a country,” writes best-selling author and former Goldman Sachs managing director Nomi Prins, “where the majority of the population reaps the majority of the benefits for their hard work, creative ingenuity, and collaborative effort. Imagine a country run as a democracy from the bottom up, not a plutocracy from (more…)

  • Debate: Social Media Censorship and Big Tech Regulation

    • October 3, 2019
      2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    Reason’s Robby Soave will debate Will Chamberlain, publisher of Human Events. To RSVP: cbarron@rightturnstrategiesdc.com OPENING REMARKS BY KATIE MCAULIFFE OF AMERICANS FOR TAX REFORM Katie McAuliffe is Executive Director of Digital Liberty and Federal Affairs Manager at Americans for Tax Reform. As Executive Director of Digital Liberty at Americans for Tax Reform, she has been relied (more…)

  • Debate: The Soho Forum — “Just Say No” to Drugs?

    • October 7, 2019
      5:45 pm - 9:00 pm

      “Just Say No” to Drugs? In 1986, First Lady Nancy Reagan wrote in a Washington Post Op-Ed: “We must create an atmosphere of intolerance for drug use in this country. Each of us has a responsibility to be intolerant of drug use anywhere, any time, by anybody.” Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign became her legacy, and helped ramp (more…)

  • Nick Gillespie at Intelligence Squared Debate: Replace Private Insurance With Medicare for All

    • September 17, 2019
      7:00 pm - 8:45 pm

    Intelligence Squared, U.S., will host a debate on the motion: “As the nation gears up for the 2020 election, Democrats are promising bold new changes to the American health care system. One idea championed by many on the progressive left is “Medicare for All,” or a single-payer system, which would do away with private health (more…)

  • Goldwater and Arizona State University Host Robby Soave for Panic Attack Book Event

    • September 4, 2019
      5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

    College campuses have always been hotbeds of protest, but since the 2016 election, stories of activism gone wild have been particularly prevalent: violent protests, demands for safe spaces, and the silencing of views that activist groups find disagreeable. Who are the leaders behind these protests, and what do they want? Libertarian journalist Robby Soave seeks (more…)

  • Debate: The Soho Forum — The Future of the Libertarian Party

    • September 10, 2019
      5:45 pm - 9:00 pm

        A Viable Future for the Libertarian Party? In 2016, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld ran the most successful Libertarian Party Presidential Campaign in the party’s history, garnering 4.5 million votes nationwide. Supporters of the ticket felt that Johnson-Weld had put the Libertarian Party on the map. But many libertarians were unhappy with the Johnson-Weld candidacy and thought the party had sold out many (more…)

  • “The War on Whores” Documentary: Celebration and Panel Discussion

    • September 26, 2019
      6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    Please join us at our Dupont Circle office for a celebration of the documentary “The War on Whores” and a panel discussion featuring director Paul Johnson, sex worker and activist Maggie McNeill, and Reason’s Elizabeth Nolan Brown. Drinks and appetizers will be served. Beer generously provided by Flying Dog Brewery. Doors open at 6:00 Panel (more…)