Washington, D.C. is an important hub for media and policymakers, and opening an office in the city back in 2007 was a game-changer for Reason. But we’ve outgrown our old space! Our new offices will have: 

  • More space for filming. Dedicated studio and editing areas will give us complete control over a soundproof production environment reserved for video shoots, podcast creation, and new initiatives.  
  • More space for events. We’ll be able to accommodate up to 200 guests for receptions, video presentations, and speaking engagements. 
  • More space for staff. Our journalists, filmmakers, and policy experts will have 50 percent more space for collaborative projects. 

Your investment matters! With your help, Reason is changing minds and changing public policy through our award-winning journalism and policy research. You can even name a space after yourself or some other champion of Free Minds and Free Markets.

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