Zogby calls it ..

For Kerry, 311 electoral votes to 213. Interestingly, Zogby predicts Bush will win the popular vote. Of course, this is just a poll and it’s still early. But imagine if we got a reversal of last election, so that the Dems win the White House but the Reps win the popular vote. It would be hard for both camps to express their glee/outrage and still be consistent with the positions they held the last time around. What about all those lefties with “Re-defeat Bush” bumper stickers? If they’re small-d, as well as big-d, Democrats will they say the people chose Bush and therefore Kerry is illegitimate? I doubt it. And what about all those right wingers who defended the Electoral College last election? Will they be so reverent to our founding fathers and their arguments against popular elections? I doubt it.