Wi-Fi Fever Across the Pond

The City of London Corporation is all set to have Wi-Fi network in place covering the entire city (The square mile). The project is being undertaken by the corporation in partnership with a private Wi-Fi firm, The Cloud. It is expected to be implemented in full in the next few months. The Cloud, which will install the hardware and equipment, will make use of street furniture like the lamp posts and street signs for the purpose. The network will make the city Wi-Fi-enabled and workers as well as visitors within the square mile will be able to make use of wireless devices to access the internet on streets and in open spaces. The project will support high speed internet access, email, music and video downloads and voice over Wi-Fi services.

As the article notes, the City of London is much smaller than the area most of us think of as London. So the coverage area will be quite a bit smaller than most of the U.S. muni-wifi plans. Even so the London network plans to reach many people:

The system will facilitate connectivity to as many as 350,000 workers while on the move through their laptop or palmtop computers. Users can opt for business subscriptions or pay-as-you-go accounts.

Article here. Thanks to Meredith for the link. For more on muni wi-fi, go here. BTW, speaking of Brits, have you seen Footballers Wives? Saucy!