Why California is Screwed

I’ve been fighting the urge to puke all day. Latest Public Policy Inst of CA survey includes this gem: “In general, which of the following statements do you agree with more–I’d rather pay higher taxes and have a state government that provides more services, or I’d rather pay lower taxes and have a state government that provides fewer services?” OK, not the best worded question around, but reasonable. Result? 53% of all adults (69% of dems, 27% of reps, 53% of ind) prefer “higher taxes and more services”!!! Holy cow! when was the last time you paid higher taxes and actually got more services? CA is not the land of the fruits and nuts, it is the land of the gullible. As David Nott, prez of Reason, pointed out to me, this shows the folks who support limited government in CA have their work cut out for them. And if you need more proof the Republican Party is intellectually bankrupt in CA (at least) 27% of them want “higher taxes and more services”!