What’s so bad about sprawl?

Turns out, it is hard to say. How ‘sprawl’ became a bad word. A fun presentation of the two sides:

Two sides ‘Green acres is the place for me’ (or The upsides of sprawl) 1. Land is cheaper, so housing is, too. 2. I can afford a decent-sized yard. 3. It’s quieter and less congested. 4. The shopping center is up the road. 5. Most of my neighbors are like me. 6. It’s only a half-hour drive to work. ‘They paved paradise and put up a parking lot’ (or The downsides of sprawl) 1. Farmland, forests are stripped clean. 2. Runoff pollutes streams. 3. Everything looks the same. 4. No one walks; everyone gets fatter. 5. Driving creates congestion and smog. 6. Cars, cars, cars.