What should Arnold do now?

His bold vision to shape up California seems to get weaker all the time. Here’s George Passantino:

It seems the “year of reform” offers little reform at all. Many are wondering, what, if anything, is Gov. Schwarzenegger willing to really fight for? If he is serious about reforming government and restoring the luster to his dulled political persona, Schwarzenegger must do two things. First, he must resist the calls of critics, and some political allies, to dump the special election. While the momentum of the special election has diminished, there is still one mega-issue on the ballot that deserves Schwarzenegger’s complete support. Paycheck protection, which would require government employee unions to get the affirmative permission of members to collect and spend dues for political purposes, now moves to center stage in the reform battle. The governor needs to be right there with it.

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