What about ìPeople before profitsî?

Doesn’t it also apply to revenue-hungry cities? From Jacob Sullum: In 1997, when Susette Kelo bought her little house overlooking the Thames River in New London, Connecticut, she had to hack her way through weeds and brush to reach the front door. Renovations transformed the neglected Victorian into a salmon-colored “show home,” but today it’s besieged by a creeping menace it will take more than an ax to defeat. Kelo’s home stands in the way of progressââ?¬â??at least, the city’s idea of progress: a riverfront redevelopment project designed to make New London more comfortable for the Pfizer Corporation, which a few years ago built a research facility adjacent to the Fort Trumbull neighborhood where Kelo had made the mistake of settling. The city wants to hand Fort Trumbull over to a private developer who will use the land for a hotel, condominiums, offices, and shops. For more on this issue, go here and here.