Wal-Mart sophisticates

Some worry that Wal-Mart is too southern, and too Christian to offer everything that a diverse nation might want. Of course, no store can offer everything everyone wants, but Wal-Mart may be more sophisticated than most of us assume. Look at what kinds of books are available from Wal-Mart online: Lots of Shakespeare and hundreds of titles about quantum physics. The big box isn’t too prudish to sell Lolita or books by David Sedaris. Wal-Mart might waffle a bit when it comes to music. Want the latest from 50 Cent or the Best of 2 Live Crew? They’re available at Wal-Mart, but in “edited” form. You can, however, buy the unedited, live and digitally remastered version of Ozzy Osbourne’s often-misunderstood, Suicide Solution.