ìWal-Mart is their crack cocaineî

The latest addition to the Wal-Mart Foe Hyperbole Watch comes from California State Senator Gloria Romero. She was reacting to Rosemead’s City Council, which just voted to allow a Wal-Mart Supercenter to sell cheap products to consumers. Apparently, a big factor in the decision was the sales tax revenue that the big box is expected to bring. All this prompted Romero to say: “Local governments are essentially behaving like addicts, and Wal-Mart is their crack cocaine. It’s a short-term fix.” Actually, had she not singled out WM, Romero would be more on the mark. Hyperactive local governments are constantly looking for more money to fund their local Leviathans, and this often clouds their judgment. Go here for more quotables from WM foes.