VP Biden on Broadband “Information Overline”

You knew the White House was taking its chances sending out Vice President Joe Biden to talk up the broadband stimulus. And Old Joe was on form, as usual.

This afternoon outside Erie, Pa., the veep was on hand to announce the criteria the federal government will use to hand out $7.2 billion in stimulus funds aimed at developing the broadband infrastructure in underserved areas.

In his address to 200 people at Seneca High School near Erie, The Wall Street Journal reported Biden saying, “The bottom line is, you can’t function — a nation can’t compete in the 21st century — without an immediate, high-quality access for everything from streaming video to information overline.”

Commenters are invited to speculate exactly what “information overline” is. Yeah, it’s funny, until you realize the vice president in an administration that has called for an unprecedented level of aggressive and pre-emptive Internet regulation can’t even speak articulately about basic broadband connectivity.

For more Bidenisms, see this clip.