Sasha Volokh on the Implications of the Louisiana Supreme Court Voucher Ruling

Sasha Volokh has a new article on discussing the implications of the recent Louisiana Supreme Court ruling on school vouchers. Here’s the intro:

This May 7, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled 6—1, in Louisiana Federation of Teachers v. Louisiana, that a statewide school voucher plan was unconstitutional. The opinion offers a fascinating glimpse into the developing field of non-religious state challenges to school voucher programs. The moral, for those following school voucher controversies, is that, while vouchers are on solid legal ground at the federal level, they can face barriers based on language in state constitutions, sometimes because of the inclusion of religious schools but sometimes for reasons entirely unrelated to religion.

The full article is available here. And all of Volokh’s recent legal analyses written for Reason Foundation on an array of privatization-related topics are archived here.