Villaraigosa Pitches Transit

From the “THAT’S gonna happen” file:

The new mayor wants to change Los Angeles’ car culture, though his push for mass transit comes in the same month of the London subway and bus bombings. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is starting small, asking Los Angeles residents to give up driving just one or two days a week. The theory is that getting a few more cars off the road would go a long way toward easing gridlock and air pollution that are the worst in the nation. “Los Angeles has a history of over-reliance on the single-passenger automobile, and we’re going to have to change that history,” said Villaraigosa, who went to Washington last week to lobby for more funding for transportation projects. Since freeways overtook a once-thriving trolley system half a century ago, attitudes toward public transportation in Los Angeles have ranged from blase to hostile.

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