Victory for Liberty and Small Business in Oregon

On Wednesday Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski singed a law that will finally allow small moving van companies to exist in Oregon unmolested.

The law in Oregon has been that when someone wants to start a moving van company, they would have to apply for a permit, and then face a public hearing in which all existing moving companies could raise objections to the new company and try to convince the licensing board there is no need for more moving companies. Over time the board came to accept arguments that more competition would reduce employment and wages in the industry and be harmful. So if you wanted to start a new moving van company, you were basically out of luck.

Fortunately, the Pacific Legal Foundation took up the case of 2 Brothers Moving and Delivery and challenged the law. I was an expert witness in the case. Before it went to trial, the state saw the writing on the wall and finally moved to change the law. The new rules are simple and reasonable.

Lots of information on the case here.