TX House Approves Eminent Domain Limits

Yesterday, the Texas House approved a measure — by a 132-0 margin — that would amend the state constitution to prevent state or local governments from exercising the power of eminent domain for economic development purposes:

Seeking to circumvent a recent, controversial U.S. Supreme Court decision, the Texas House on Tuesday approved a measure to prohibit state or local governments from seizing homes and other private property for economic development purposes. Reflecting widespread support from Republicans and Democrats, the proposed amendment to the Texas Constitution was approved 132-0 and will go on the Nov. 8 ballot if it wins approval from the Senate. The Senate was expected to debate a related bill today. That measure would spell out details of the new restrictions should voters approve the constitutional amendment. “The constitution is to protect the citizens from the government, and I think that is what this accomplishes,” said Rep. Frank Corte, R-San Antonio, the proposal’s primary sponsor.