Trust us, we can monitor ourselves. . .

Los Angeles’ department of water and power recently raised rates 11%, and by sheer coincidence (they say) raised the amount of money they transfer to the city’s general fund by the same amount. Yes, it smells like a sewer main. CA state senator Richard Aaron has launched a lawsuit on the legality of the move. For some time now Alarcon has questioned DWP/city financial arrangements and potential illegal or corrupt practices. But LA mayor Hahn assures us there is no need for outside audits, as the city it auditing things themselves. As we all know, foxes guarding henhouses is an established municipal management best practice. The irony is knee deep after a year in which revelations of financial shenanigans at DWP have popped up like mushrooms after a rainstorm.

Adrian Moore

Adrian Moore, Ph.D., is vice president of policy at Reason Foundation, a non-profit think tank advancing free minds and free markets.