ëTriumph of Envyí

No mincing words here. Professor and libertarian thinker Tibor R. Machan weighs in on how the European economic history colored Monday’s ruling against Microsoft by the European Court of First Instance.

“Given the history of how most people in Europe had gained their wealth and economic dominance, namely, through politically and militarily backed conquest of and expropriation of resources from millions of subjectsââ?¬â??the real exploitation of the feudal, not capitalist, era that gave credibility to Karl Marx’s theory of exploitationââ?¬â??it is perhaps understandable that many in Europe and elsewhere around the globe believe all wealth comes from malfeasance… “The achievement of wealth through market processes is relatively new in human history and only taken to be the norm by most people in the United States of America and a few other places.”

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