Transportation Policy News Links

The American Dream Coalition has once again compiled some excellent links to transportation policy news through their weeklys newsletter The American Dream Communicator:

Mobility & Transportation
18th Annual Highway Report — Reason Foundation

New York Transit Woes Demonstrate Need for Reform — Sam Staley, Out of Control Policy Blog

Urban planners romanticize immobility (audio) — Randal O’Toole, Cato Institute

Urban planning and technology can change commuter ways — Financial Times

Plug-in hybrid subsidies are a bad deal for taxpayers — Washington Post

Infrastructure Politics Veering Right — Autopia

Winona could host futuristic public transportation model — LaCrosse Tribune, Minnesota

Can Entrepreneurs Drive People Movers to Success? — Harvard Business School

Houston commuters catch rides with strangers to save time, money —, Houston

Maryland ICC to be first all-electronic tollroad in eastern US — TollRoadNews

Debate panelists split over buses, broader impact of transit investments — Transportation4America

Colorado: 2010 Ballot Measure Would Slash Car Taxes —

A Streetcar Named Monorail —, Long Beach, California

Norfolk light rail is over budget, opening delayed to 2011 — Virginia Pilot

Link light-rail ridership dipped in November — Seattle Times

Phoenix Drivers Confused by Light Rail —

Local residents want a fence built around the Light Rail for safety —, Virginia

VTA Accident Kills One Person —, San Jose

MTA to fire light rail operators in accident that killed 2 teens — Baltimore Sun

Elevated train derails in Chicago; minor injuries reported — Breaking News 24/7, Chicago

Attorney: Bus stabbing suspect is mentally ill — San Jose Mercury News

MTA worker faces charges of stealing more than $400,000 — Baltimore Sun

Backpedaling: New report raises questions about ‘Bike City USA’ — Willamette Week, Portland

Roll up the pavement: Gravel is making a comeback — Associated Press

Getting Beyond Petroleum Won’t Be Easy — SciTech Today