Transportation News Links

The American Dream Coalition, a grass roots free market organization, distributes news links on transportation, land use, and Smart Growth issues. Here are the newest links from the American Dream Communicator:

Mobility & Transportation
Traffic Congestion, Time, Money & Productivity — Wendell Cox, New Geography

HOT Lanes Show Diverse Benefits — Sam Staley, Reason Foundation

Honda unveils ‘Segway-style’ unicycle that travels in any direction you want — U.K. Daily Mail

An Electric Rolls Royce Phantom could be on the way —, U.K.

National Terror Alert for Mass Transit — KCBS, Washington D.C.

Metro Steps Up Patrols to Curb Violence at Transit Stations — Washington Post

Light-rail train hits car near Star Tribune building — Star-Tribune, Minnesota

Car collides with Tacoma Link light rail — Tacoma News Tribune, Washington

Light rail vote delayed a month by TAMC board — Monterey County Herald, California

Light rail noise becomes official emergency — NWCN Headlines, Seattle

Mayor makes pitch for light rail —

AC Transit to Cannibalize BRT Program to Keep the Lights On — Action Alameda News

University sues Met Council over light-rail issues — Star-Tribune, Minnesota

Road choked to slow traffic — Times & Transcript, Canada

Quick Study: Unlocking Gridlock — Reader’s Digest

D.C. workers commute longer, more likely to use transit — Washington Examiner

Metro Turns To Suicide Prevention Groups for Help — Washington Post

Critique of Tom Vanderbilt’s “Traffic” — Randal O’Toole, Antiplanner Blog