Transportation News Links

The American Dream Coalition, a grass roots free market organization, distributes news links on transportation, land use, and Smart Growth issues. Here are the newest links from the American Dream Communicator:

Mobility & Transportation
Traffic Congestion, Time, Money & Productivity — Wendell Cox, New Geography

HOT Lanes Show Diverse Benefits — Sam Staley, Reason Foundation

Honda unveils ‘Segway-style’ unicycle that travels in any direction you want — U.K. Daily Mail

An Electric Rolls Royce Phantom could be on the way —, U.K.

National Terror Alert for Mass Transit — KCBS, Washington D.C.

Metro Steps Up Patrols to Curb Violence at Transit Stations — Washington Post

Light-rail train hits car near Star Tribune building — Star-Tribune, Minnesota

Car collides with Tacoma Link light rail — Tacoma News Tribune, Washington

Light rail vote delayed a month by TAMC board — Monterey County Herald, California

Light rail noise becomes official emergency — NWCN Headlines, Seattle

Mayor makes pitch for light rail —

AC Transit to Cannibalize BRT Program to Keep the Lights On — Action Alameda News

University sues Met Council over light-rail issues — Star-Tribune, Minnesota

Road choked to slow traffic — Times & Transcript, Canada

Quick Study: Unlocking Gridlock — Reader’s Digest

D.C. workers commute longer, more likely to use transit — Washington Examiner

Metro Turns To Suicide Prevention Groups for Help — Washington Post

Critique of Tom Vanderbilt’s “Traffic” — Randal O’Toole, Antiplanner Blog

Samuel R. Staley, Ph.D. is a senior research fellow at Reason Foundation and managing director of the DeVoe L. Moore Center at Florida State University in Tallahassee where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in urban planning, regulation, and urban economics. Prior to joining Florida State, Staley was director of urban growth and land-use policy for Reason Foundation where he helped establish its urban policy program in 1997.