Top Ten Highest Paid Union Bosses

Courtesy of Human Events – The Top Ten Highest Paid Union Bosses #1 G. William Hunter, Executive Director, NBA Players Association, $2,185,446 #2 Eugene Upshaw, Executive Director, NFL Players Association, $2,064,526 #3 Donald M. Fehr, Executive Director, MLB Players Association, $1,000,000 #4 Jimmy Warren, Financial Treasurer, Steelworkers and AFL-CIO, $825,262 #5 Gregory J. Hessinger, Chief Executive Office, Screen Actors Guild, $803,399 #6 Alan Eisenberg, Executive Director, Actors and Artists, AFL-CIO Branch, $720,743 #7 Jay Roth, National Executive Director, Directors Guild of America, $686,673 #8 Don Hunsucker, President and CEO, United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1288, $679,949 #9 John McLean, Executive Director, Writers Guild, West Headquarters, $650,402 #10 Gerald McEntee, President, State, County and Municipal Workers, $629,291