Top 10 Transportation Megaprojects for the 21st Century

AOL News reports on what they think are the ten biggest transportation megaprojects looming in the 21st century. Some of the projects, such as the Second Avenue Subway Tunnel in New York City, are under construction. Others, like Canada’s arctic ice road, are perennial. Still others, like a 3,100 mile long transatlantic train tunnel, are simply wisps in an transportation engineer’s eye (although increasingly feasible).

Here are the top 10 (from 10th to 1st in AOL’s ranking):

  • Canada’s arctic Ice Road;
  • Transatlantic train tunnel
  • New York’s Second Avenue Subway (8.5 miles, $17 billion)
  • Bering Straight bridge crossing from Alaska to Russia (50 miles)
  • Shanghai sprawling rail system
  • Straight of Gibralter crossing (either tunnel or bridge)
  • Irish Sea tunnel connecting Britain
  • A national U.S. bicycle route system and network
  • Gotthard Switzerland’s Base Tunnel (94 miles long, under construction)
  • Turkey’s earthquake proof Marmaray tube tunnel.