Thieves Join Ariannaís Anti-SUV Coalition?

SUV foes like Arianna Huffington may be pleased to learn that the most stolen automobile is one of the gas-guzzlianist SUV’s of all, the Cadillac Escalade. In fact, five of the top 10 2000-2002 passenger vehicles with the highest theft rate were SUVs. Apart from Arianna, the anti-SUV coalition already includes environmentalists, andââ?¬â??according to the folks behind this summer’s ‘What would Jesus drive?’ campaignââ?¬â??the Son of God, Himself. Have thieves also jumped on the anti-SUV bandwagon? Maybe car thieves consider it a social obligation to rid the streets of SUVs. If so, they might help invigorate Arianna’s fledgling gubernatorial campaign. After all, she fancies herself a rebel who doesn’t play by the rules, and car thieves certainly don’t play by the rulesââ?¬â??it could be quite a nice fit. Then again, perhaps these aren’t everyday car thieves, but activists-turned-criminal who are following the Earth First worldview that the self-righteous may thwart the law however they please. Again, a comfortable fit with Arianna’s campaign. Of course the real explanation is probably much less exciting. It’s likely the thieves are simply responding to (black) market demand. I suppose the thieves’ motives will be made clear when we find out if the SUVs were dismantled in chop shops or simply resold to others who keep on getting bad mileage.