Theyíre everywhere

Techies, that is:

The most technologically advanced households in America ââ?¬â?? the early adopters who are more likely to own and use new technologies such as TiVo or wireless Internet access ââ?¬â?? exist in nearly every county in the nation. By age, income, lifestyle and buying behavior, it’s a diverse group. These aren’t just wealthy people who live in major metro areas or only on the East and West coasts. Twenty-nine percent of U.S. households are likely to be early adopters, according to an exclusive county-by-county analysis of consumers’ buying habits by USA TODAY and the Claritas marketing research firm. Eleven percent of the USA’s 3,141 counties have at least 29% of households that are early adopters. Though these households are most heavily concentrated in metro areas, early adopters live throughout the nation. Four of the 25 counties that contain the highest percentage of tech-centric households are in Colorado, in the booming Denver region. Six are in the Northern Virginia-Washington-Baltimore corridor. And three are in Utah, in the Salt Lake City and Provo areas. Also among the top 25 are counties in Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Michigan and Texas.

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