They could take your house for a casino

Maybe you haven’t followed the issue of cities abusing eminent domain by taking peoples property for “economic development” purposes–meaning taking homes and businesses to give the land to some other business the city wants more. You should, though. It is a fascinating combination of interesting and horrifying, taking for a public use, but for a private one. The good news is that after decades the tide is turning. Courts have started to rule against such an obvious trampling of rights. The Castle Coalition is organized to fight on this issue, doing great work, including organizing a letter to President Bush urging his Administration not to file a brief in Kelo v. New London. Reason signed the letter, along with many others, as this case will bring the Supremes into the fray. If the Administration filed a brief against property owners in this case would be both disastrous to property rights and a serious affront to the promise of “expanding property ownership” the Administration champions.