The important business of governance

Marty Markowitz is really into erecting big, Brookyn-touting signs. His latest–“Leaving Brooklyn? Oy vey!”–can be seen by motorists who leave Brooklyn via the Williamsburg Bridge:

The huge sign, affixed to a cross beam of the bridge high above the bustling traffic, is a sweet victory for Marty Markowitz, president of the borough, home to a large Jewish population. When Markowitz first approached the Department of Transportation about the sign in January 2004, he was rebuffed because the agency felt it would be distracting to motorists. After “revisiting” the issue, the DOT allowed the sign to go up two weeks ago, Markowitz said Wednesday. “I’m thrilled.” Markowitz said he is responsible for many other signs …

Such as:

“Not Just A Borough, An Experience”; “Name It…We Got It”; “Like No Other Place in the World”; “Believe the Hype.”

By the way, Markowitz is running for reelection. Article here.