“The Eyebrow”

As a Virginian, albeit by adoption not birth, I take it upon myself to apologize to the readers of Out of Control for what is know as the “Eyebrow.” If you watched the SOTU, you know what I’m talking about. A few responses to the good Governor’s comments. First, lesson of the day: “there is a better way.” In Virginia we’ve learned (the hard way) that usually means new taxes. Coincidentally I had an article appear yesterday and the last line was “We can do better — without new taxes.” I wonder if the Governor saw it? Second, fiscal discipline in Virginia. As referenced above the Governor’s way is all about new taxes. Indeed, he’s been in office for three weeks and he’s already asked for a tax increase! Oh, by the way, Kaine campaigned against raising taxes…as did our preceeding Governor, who also raised taxes! Did I mention that Virginia raised taxes and the budget has doubled in less than a decade, including double digit increases again! Yeah, that’s great Tim thanks for the fiscal discipline…but no thanks. Lastly, for some reason this line really bothered me: “The federal government should serve the American people.” How about you “serve” me by leaving me and my pocketbook alone. Stop with your “we can fix everything, we’re the best at everything” attitude and realize that maybe, just maybe there is a better way. (sadly, pun intended)