The downside of cheap telecom

In 1915 a three minute telephone call to the other side of the continent cost $341.45. For many of us today, the marginal cost of such a call is zero. This is usually very good newsââ?¬â??unless you’re the victim of a drunk dialer:

When you’ve had too much to drink and you’re missing your ex, suddenly it seems nothing in the world is more important than pulling out the cell, scanning through the phone book and dialing someone, anyone – friends, an ex, even a family member. … In Australia, Virgin Mobile offers a service blocking certain pre-chosen numbers from the danger of the late-night dial. It’s 25 cents (or about 20 American cents) per number and blocks them from being dialed until 6 a.m. the following day. Virgin also operates in America, but the feature is not yet available here. It’s under consideration, according to Sue D’Agostino, spokeswoman with Virgin Mobile USA.

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