The Disgusting Litany Continues

From Camden, N.J., this outrageously noxious tale of eminent domain abuse and incompetence. The state schools construction corporation seized a successful family-owned laundromat to build a school. Last March the school’s “need” was so urgent they sent deputies to kick all the customers out one day and lock the doors and tell the owner the property was siezed. Now more than six months later, the building sits dilapidated, no work on a new school has begun, and hapless owner hasn’t even been paid the inadequate compensation owed him. Retching hardly seems adequate. And this is not a case of eminent domain to benefit a private party. At least if is for a government purpose, though the state clearly had no interest or intention in trying to buy the property legitimately or any nonsense like that. And the lack of accountability for taking care of the property owner, abusing the “urgency” mechanism, and failing to be able to actually do the project! If you go back and look at the list of grievances listed in the Declaration, the list is long and clearly the Founder’s were fed up. But a lot of what they suffered pales in comparison to egregious abuses like the owner of this laundromat has suffered. Our forefathers rebelled over stuff like this. It his high time we got really pissed of and beat our legislators into protecting us from this kind of abuse.