The Canadian Model for Our Future?

The Atlas Economic Research Foundation recently announced the winner of its Sir Antony Fisher Award as a new book lauding the Canadian economic model as the way of the future: The Canadian Century: Moving out of America’s Shadow, by Brian Lee Crowley, Jason Clemens and Niels Veldhuis.

In the announcement, Atlas writes:

Headed for bankruptcy in the 1990s, Canada embarked on a series of reforms and cuts that produced a balanced federal budget by 1997-1998. This remarkable shift away from fiscal disaster emerged at both the federal and provincial levels of government as leadership made the important decisions to reign in out-of-control spending and reform entitlements.

To buy the book go here.

To see more about the award, see the full announcement here.

And if you disagree with the book’s conclusions, that is okay, just be nice about it. Like the Canadians are.