Thanks, I’ll take my winnings now

Fred Krupp, the President of Environmental Defense Fund, sits down with Wired magazine to chat about climate change and clean energy and throws out one of the best quotes of all time: “…I know that capitalism works, that American entrepreneurialism works, and we can damn well expect that private capital ââ?¬â?? not government money ââ?¬â?? will actually solve this problem.” Personally, I’m not convinced we need to take coordinated action on ‘climate change’. I do know, though, that if it really is a serious problem, the last thing we should do is to rely on government to fix it. Governments have an almost mystical ability to impose ‘solutions’ that not only fail to address the intended problem, but also create a host of new problems that no one had even imagined. (see Ethanol) Here’s hoping more adults like Krupp take over the environmental movement. Hat tip to the always interesting Marginal Revolution.