Thankful for liberty

This Thanksgiving morning I am thinking how relatively fortunate I am to be fighting for liberty in a time and place where the fight is about culture, policy, and politics. As Patrick Henry’s famous line reminds us, all too often in history, and even in some places in the world today, the fight for liberty is a life and death struggle. My family and I, and probably you, enjoy an amazing amount of liberty, thanks both to our system, and to progress, change and technology that gives us so many options and lets us avoid a lot of petty tyranny. At the same time, we don’t enjoy the liberty we want or should have, or to work the cliche, what the founding fathers intended us to have. So I am also thankful to be working at Reason, to have my vocation and my avocation fighting for liberty. It’s great, it’s exciting, it’s frustrating, and it’s humbling.