Telecommuting nation?

Rapidly escalating gasoline prices may speed the United States` transformation into a telecommuting nation, analysts say.

I think that’s overstating it, but this guy does make some good points:

‘The average worker commutes 16 miles each way to work every day,’ said John Gray of Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. ‘That adds up to more than 8,000 miles per year going to and from work. ‘Companies will be forced to help ease the financial burden of higher gas prices or risk losing their workers to companies located closer to their homes or companies that offer primarily telecommuting.’

Once again, if we want to really expand telecommuting we’re going to have to win over more of our nation’s bosses:

A 2005 survey by Connecticut-based Business & Legal Reports asked employers what they were doing to help employees deal with high gas prices. Only 1 percent of the 499 respondents said their companies were allowing more telecommuting. And 6 percent encouraged workers to carpool or use public transportation.

Article here. Some good news here.