Teachers Unions Object to Obama’s Education Agenda; Invest in Obama’s Healthcare Plans Instead

As the Associated Press reports the National Education Association pointedly criticized the Obama administration, saying the president is relying too heavily on charter schools and standardized tests in his attempt to overhaul the nation’s schools.

But here’s a shocker, the big education unions support Obama’s health care plans and are willing to put out some cash and advertising to help out their Democratic friends. As Education Week reports:

Education organizations—including both national teachers’ unions—are putting their muscle and money behind an effort by President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats to revamp the nation’s health care system. . . .

The NEA remains active on other K-12 issues, but it is putting considerable resources into health care overhaul, Mr. Raabe said.

“Right now, in Congress, health care is the top issue,” he said.

For instance, the NEA is planning to spend nearly $300,000 on radio ads that will run in Nevada, the home state of Sen. Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader, and the district of at least one Democratic House member, Rep. Baron P. Hill, who may face a tough re-election battle.

“Educators stand firm with Reid because he knows we need a health care plan where doctors—not bureaucrats—decide what’s best for us,” says a female voice in the Nevada ad.

Unfortunately, for individual union members who are not looking forward to nationalized healthcare, their money goes to support this agenda as well. As ever your dues dollars at work.