Teacher Cuts Off Student’s Braid; Union Blames Budget Constraints

Via Education Intelligence Agency:

Seven-year-old Lamya Cammon was absentmindedly playing with her braids, which have plastic beads on their ends. The noise annoyed her first-grade teacher. The teacher called Lamya to the front of the room, cut off one of her braids, and sent her back to her seat, crying. The teacher ultimately apologized to Lamya’s mother and was fined $175 by police for disorderly conduct. She remains in the classroom but Lamya was assigned to a different teacher.

Sid Hatch of the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association told WISN-TV on camera:

“As budget constraints get tighter every year, the stress level and frustrations do increase.”

As Mike Antonucci of EIA concludes:

So let that be a lesson to you, parents of Milwaukee. Spend more on public schools or some stressed-out teacher will hack off your seven-year-old’s hair. This message has been approved by the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association.