Sumner on the Crisis and Monetary Policy

If you don’t read Scott Sumner’s blog The Money Illusion, then let me highly recommend you check it out. His FAQs answers sum up neatly his unique (more or less) perspective on the crisis. If you’re interested in inflation, you’ll definitely want to look at what he has to say. Here is one of the questions:

19. Aren’t you just a monetary crank trying to solve all the world’s problems by printing money?

Yes, but like a broken clock the monetary cranks are right twice a century; 1933, and today. The other 98 years I am a Chicago-trained, libertarian, inflation-hawk. Twice a century I put on my Irving Fisher super-hero suit, and emerge from my deep underground bunker.

(HT: Bryan Caplan who originally turned me on to Sumner and reminded me of the FAQ with Tuesday’s post)