Streamlining Government vs. Expanding It

The St. Tammany News weighed in on Louisiana’s new Commission on Streamlining Government in an editorial yesterday, and they seem to clearly understand the critical importance of the Commission’s work:

Yesterday, an advisory group made up of state legislators and government officials sat down and began a process by which they hope to cut down on the waste in government spending, yet improve the efficiency of government services to the people. […]

This is a tall order for government officials to cut the size of our state government. It is a tightrope act, to say the least. The commission has to cut waste and improve efficiency, yet keep essential services. However success is essential if our state is to come out of the current economic morass intact.

Over the years state government has become bloated and costly. We applaud the Legislature and Gov. Bobby Jindal for finally taking the bull by the horns and looking at ways to pare down the giant state bureaucracy that we call a government.

Streamlining will make government more efficient, less costly and more responsive to the people the government serves ââ?¬â? the taxpayer. In this time of talk about the federal government taking over car companies and healthcare, it is refreshing to hear about politicians who actually want to cut government. Good luck gentlemen.

Ditto ad inifitum. It is indeed refreshing to hear about politicians who actually want to cut government. In fact, as I wrote in my post yesterday, I believe that other states should be looking to Louisiana right now for a strong example of policymakers taking the fiscal crisis seriously and taking proactive steps to address it.

For more on the Commission on Streamlining Government see here, as well as the lengthy discussion in Reason Foundation’s Annual Privatization Report 2009.

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