Stimulus Saves Government Jobs!

If you thought the stimulus was about saving your job, you are wrong, unless you are a government employee. Veronique de Rugy put together this nice graph to tell the sad tale.

The graph shows that

during the last two year the number of public employees has increased from 22.3 million in January 2008 to 22.4 million in January 2010, after peaking at 22.6 million in July 2009. Not that impressive you will say. Well, excuse me but it certainly beats being a private employee during that same period of time. The number of private jobs decreased from 115.5 million in January 2008 to 107 million. That’s a lose of 8.7 million jobs in the private sector while the public sector gained almost 100,000 jobs.

Stimulus is just feeding the spending addiction of federal, state and local agencies.