Step Away from the Cake!!

Last night a local CBS news report picked up the story of how the Governator has helped to ban bake sales in California schools.

In California it’s still legal to sell cupcakes, cookies and brownies in a bakery … but not at a school bake sale. That fundraising slice of Americana – loaded with sugar and fat – has been banned in California schools by government order, reports CBS News correspondent John Blackstone.

Speaking of bans, today at, Nick Gillespie looks at just how far smoking bans have gone and what might be banned by government next. At my son’s elementary school, I had to take my cupcakes back home after the teacher and principal would not allow the 5th graders to eat them. However, they informed me that chocalate pudding cups were on the schools approved list of healthy snacks–so the kids could have had pudding cups. Bill Cosby must have got to them.