State Business Tax Climate Study Released

The Tax Foundation released their 3rd Annual State Business Tax Climate Index today:

The ten states with the most business-friendly tax systems this year are: Wyoming, South Dakota, Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, Texas, Delaware, Montana and Oregon. This ranking comes from the third edition of the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index, by Foundation economist Curtis S. Dubay and Scott A. Hodge, President of the Tax Foundation. The study ranks the 50 states on how “business friendly” their tax systems are, providing a roadmap for state lawmakers concerned with keeping their states tax-competitive. […] “Every one of the best tax systems raises sufficient revenue without imposing at least one of the three major state taxesââ?¬â??sales taxes, personal income taxes and corporate income taxes,” said Dubay. The ten states with the least hospitable business tax climates are: New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Ohio, Vermont, Maine, Kentucky, Nebraska, Iowa and Arkansas. “States do not enact tax changes in a vacuum,” said Hodge. “Every tax change will affect a state’s competitive position relative to its neighbors, as well as globally.”

The press release is here, and the full report is here.