Space entrepreneur could get 80 years

The government announced the indictment and arrest of space tourism and telecommunications entrepreneur Walt Anderson, accused of evading $200 million (euro151 million) in federal and local taxes, the largest U.S. criminal tax case ever filed against an individual. Anderson, chief executive officer of Orbital Recovery Corp., was accused of hiding income by using offshore corporations in the British Virgin Islands and Panama and a mailbox in the Netherlands … If convicted, Anderson could face up to 80 years in prison. Anderson’s attorney, John Moustakas, did not immediately return a call seeking comment … In February 2000, Gold & Appel, Anderson’s investment concern teamed up with the Russia-based Rocket Space Corporation (RSC) Energia, the builders of the Mir space station, to form MirCorp, a company that was to operate Russia’s aging space station as a commercial venture, leasing the station for advertising, scientific research, pharmaceutical processing, satellite repair, even as a future Internet portal (complete with 24-hour views of Earth from orbit).

Whole story is here. (Via ISIL.)