Sometimes, PETA=Morons

I first heard about this from the CA Political News and Views and thought I smelled an urban legend. But the Fox News story looks legit–PETA beefing a church over its “living nativity”. Oh, the horror that could befal those poor animals. Except, wait, they are actually people in costumes! Best (worst) part of the story is the PETA clown talking about all the terrible things that have happened to animals in nativity scenes, including “they’ve been raped”! Really!? He lists examples of the other bad things, but not that one. I am thinking if someone is determined to partake of sheep love they can find a way around a lack of living nativities. When PETA just focuses on fighting real and cruel abuses of animals they are usually doing good. But when they insist on attacking every conceivable situation in which an animal might accidentally get hurt no matter how benign the intent of the people involved they become clowns and undermine what should be their real mission.