ìSmoking is prohibited everywhere in the cityî

Because it’s getting hard to keep track of all the places where you’re not allowed to smoke, the city council of Calabasas, California, decided to start over from scratch and make things simple. “Smoking is prohibited everywhere in the city,” says a Calabasas ordinance that takes effect on March 17, “except as otherwise provided.” The exceptions are private residences, up to 20 percent of hotel rooms, “smokers’ outposts” in shopping center parking lots, and “any outdoor area in which no non-smoker is present and…it is not reasonable to expect another person to arrive.” The smoke-free areas, a.k.a. “everywhere else,” include sidewalks, streets, bus stops, parks, the outdoor seating of bars and restaurants, and apartment balconies near common areas such as pools or laundry rooms.

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