Sink the VH-71

Rep. Maurice Hinchey (NY-D), in his valiant effort to force President Obama to use public funds for a personal helicopter that he does not even want, makes such a bad argument that it should embarrass even a US Congressman:

“We have five [helicopters] that are close to 70 percent complete and four more that are less developed. You have at least nine of these that should be completed,” said Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-N.Y.), who paints his position in economic terms. “More than $3.2 billion has already been spent on the VH-71. If it were eliminated, up to $4 billion would be completely wasted… The whole thing is just so illogical.”

We’ve already wasted $3.2 billion on a frivolous program to produce helicopters that, according to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, “enabled the president, among other things, to cook dinner while in flight under nuclear attack.” And now we’re just going to give up? Illogical! No surprise, of course, who represents the congressional district where these helicopters are built.

Quick, somebody introduce this man to the concept of sunk costs.