Shorter Commute Matters Most

Reason's Atlanta transportation report offers viable solutions

Responses to “Anti-transit ideology a bad reason for plan,” @issue, Nov. 19

Jay Bookman accuses the Reason Foundation of being ideologically opposed to transit. Reason is ideologically opposed to pork and wasting taxpayer money on ineffective projects. Show us a cost-effective light rail system carrying enough riders to pay for itself, and we’ll support it.

The Reason Foundation’s Atlanta transportation plan actually calls for extensive bus rapid transit, the most efficient transit system. More importantly, Bookman does not challenge the most crucial aspect of our plan – it would significantly reduce commute times.

Instead of trying to paint the State Road and Tollway Authority, the Department of Transportation board, the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority and Reason as some grassy-knoll conspiracy, compare the transportation strategies on their merits. Reason’s plan will reduce congestion. It’s been acknowledged that the existing plan will let gridlock grow exponentially. I guess that makes Reason ideologically opposed to wasting time in traffic jams. I’m betting most Atlantans share that ideology.

Adrian Moore is vice president of the Reason Foundation. Reason’s analysis of Atlanta’s transportation system is here and our transportation research and commentary is here.